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Discovering Sussex Artists with Resident Artisan

Looking for some local art by Sussex artists to grace your walls or as a gift? Check out Resident Artisan…

Nestled along the picturesque coastline and lush landscapes of Sussex, a vibrant artistic community thrives. The Resident Artisan online marketplace showcases a curated selection of art pieces made in Sussex. This one-stop online shopping destination helps you discover and buy from talented Sussex artists. 

Introducing three Sussex Artists

Today, we are delighted to introduce you to three artists who call Sussex home. From whimsical cityscape illustrations to multi-layered abstract paintings and coastal-inspired designs, these artists embody the essence of Sussex in their work.

Julia Gash: Capturing the Spirit of Sussex in Whimsical Cityscapes

Framed print on a wall with hand drawn Brighton landmarks
Quirky Map of Sussex by Julia Gash

Julia Gash, a creative entrepreneur based in Eastbourne, has a remarkable talent for intertwining art and geography. Her love for maps and travel serves as the cornerstone of her creative journey. Using brush and ink, Julia creates enchanting hand-drawn illustrations that bring cities, towns, and regions from around the world to life.

What sets Julia’s work apart is her distinctive handwriting expressed through spirited line drawings and a rich palette of flat and textured colors. Her art captures a profound love for travel, wildlife, and world cultures, as well as the essence of her life in Sussex.

Julia’s creative journey began in her childhood when she travelled across Europe with her family. En-route she documented her adventures in travel journals. These journals were the precursors to her iconic map-like illustrations that connect people to the places they hold dear. Her whimsical artwork conveys a child-like vision and offers a playful interpretation of the world around us.

Julia’s Sussex collection, available on Resident Artisan, includes illustrations of Sussex, Eastbourne, Rye and Brighton. Each illustration is available as a print, pack of postcards or pack of 6 greeting cards.

Caroline Martin: Exploring the Depths of Art through Water and Sky

Based in East Sussex, Caroline Martin is a Sussex artist whose work is deeply influenced by the elements of water and sky. Her original multi-layered abstract paintings come to life in her Sussex home studio, where she crafts her art on large canvases, wood panels, wooden bookmarks, and an evolving range of fine art prints.

Framed abstract hand embellished print on a wall with turquoise, blue, grey and black colouring
Caroline Martin hand-embellished print

Caroline’s art is an intricate blend of creative mark making using mediums such as watercolor ink, spray paint, acrylics, and copper leaf. Music and color are pivotal in her artistic process, dictating the energy and flow of each piece. She works on multiple paintings simultaneously, allowing them to evolve organically until they reach a point of completion.

What defines Caroline’s artwork is its expressive yet serene nature. Each painting is a unique creation, showcasing her ability to harmonize colors and forms, creating unique, one off pieces of art. Her work offers a calming visual experience that evokes a sense of wonder and introspection.

Caroline’s work, available on Resident Artisan, includes originals, prints, greetings cards, wooden bookmarks and Christmas baubles.  

Design by Julie Ingham: Coastal Inspirations and Art Deco Elegance

Framed print hanging on wall of the Brighton Palace Pier
Julia Ingham print of Brighton Pier

Julie Ingham, the creative force behind Design by Julie Ingham, draws inspiration from the stunning landscapes of Sussex, particularly the South Downs and the architectural gems found in coastal towns and cities. Her artistic focus centers on the elegant art deco buildings and structures from the 1930s that grace the Sussex landscape.

Living in the heart of Sussex, Julie has found a rich tapestry of inspiration in her surroundings. Her work reflects a deep appreciation for the coastal beauty and the historical architectural charm that defines Sussex. Her designs pay homage to the intricate details and timeless elegance of the art deco era.

Julie’s range of coastal-inspired prints and gifts captures the essence of Sussex, making it accessible to art enthusiasts and those who share her love for the region’s unique character. Her work serves as a reminder of the rich heritage and architectural beauty that defines Sussex’s coastal towns and cities.

Julie’s collection, available on Resident Artisan, includes scenes of Brighton, Shoreham, Worthing, Steyning, Hastings, Saltdean, Birling Gap and Lewes.  The scenes are available across a range of prints, coasters and tea towels. 

Sussex’s vibrant artistic community boasts an array of talents, each contributing a unique perspective to the region’s rich cultural tapestry. Julia Gash’s whimsical cityscapes, Caroline Martin’s multi-layered abstract paintings, and Julie Ingham’s coastal-inspired designs all offer a glimpse into the diverse and thriving art scene in Sussex.

Resident Artisan, as a platform, provides these artists with the opportunity to share their creative visions with new audiences. Through their work, they bring the essence of Sussex to life, capturing the spirit of the region in their own distinct ways.

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Many thanks to Lydia Waters for this post.